Bob Kliss and Laurie Kliss
Bonnie Belt
Bryce Dimitruk
Buzz Blodgett
Charlotte Behrens
Cheryl Williams
Chiara Reading
3 Graces Candle Sculpture - Eclipse Gallery
Curt Brock
Daniel Read
Danielle Blade and Stephen Gartner
David & Melanie Leppla
"Autumn Road in Styx" Glass Frit Painting - Eclipse Gallery
Jan Benda
''Contemporary Duo'' - Eclipse Gallery
Flower Jackets/Earrings Set - Eclipse Gallery
Janet Smith
Kiln Formed Glass Votives II - Eclipse Gallery
Blue Bird Eastern - Eclipse Gallery
John & Jane Schlabaugh
Aspen Leaf - Eclipse Gallery
Karen Ehart
Salad Bowl with Salad Servers
A Rivers Revelation - Eclipse Gallery
Abstract Glasscapes: Happy Hour - Eclipse Gallery
Mark Hines
Matthew Seasholtz
McDermott Glass Studio
Rick and Janet Nicholson
Randi Solin
Glass Paisley Curve Earring - Eclipse Gallery
Bamboo Elegance Earrings
Stephan Schlanser
Black Rooster running
Tamara Kelly
Thomas Kelly
Satellite III
Vaughan Nelson