Diane Quarles

I work exclusively in kiln-formed glass art. My specialization is in glass frit (crushed glass) painting, powdered glass palette knife paintings for table and wall display and dimensional glass sculpture. My studio operates under 2 related brands--Aspen Light Glass (frit and palette knife paintings) and EARTHFIRE ARTS of the Uncompahgre (sculptural glass). 

All glass components, glass work, designs and assembly are made in the studio. The dimensional glass sculptures crafted under the EARTHFIRE ARTS brand are crafted through a collaborative venture with Ann Cheeks Art (painted elements) and JT Custom Metalworks (metal frames). All vitrigraph components are made in the studio using specialized vitrigraph kilns.  

Frit paintings are crafted through multiple kiln firings whereby each layer of frit builds upon the previous to create the sense of dynamic color and dimension. In contrast, glass powder palette knife work is applied using mixed colors of glass paste in one or two fired layers for a smoother and brighter finish. Dimensional sculptured glass consists of 5 independently painted (either color line paints or frit glass) glass layers fused together to create depth and illusion of space. The final sixth layer consists of frit and stringer glass to add texture and surface color.