Cindy Vega

Cricket Forge

The studio produces metal garden and patio furnishings and accessories, and some interior objects that feature various natural motifs of flora and fauna. Also, in the line is a group of indoor/outdoor pedestals and birdbaths in Butterfly, Cattail, or Fish motifs and the Tall Hand Pedestal and Three Graces (human figurative form).

All products are handcrafted of the highest quality materials. These pieces are 100% handmade. Every piece is produced, and finished in the studio from raw materials. All the pieces are given this same attention to detail and craftsmanship throughout the cutting, fabrication, finishing, packing, and shipping process. Even the glass tops are cut, fused, and slumped in their on-site kilns.

The studio has received awards and favorable press over the past couple of seasons for their contribution to the gift, gallery, and garden industries.