Kathy Hudson

My Story: (Me 2 U)

I spent the majority of my working life in an office. After being laid off at age 40 and with not very good job prospects, I began making beaded jewelry to sell. After 5 years in the wholesale jewelry business, I was burned out and looking for a new avenue. I took a glass class and was immediately hooked. Having previously owned a gift shop in a small rural Texas town, I took experience from "both sides of the fence", combining what I learned about retail and wholesale and developed my line of glass based on what I saw customers respond to and buy. My goal is to provide my customers with stylish glass pieces that the average person will feel good about buying because not only are they beautiful, but they are both useful AND affordable.

All of the glass products in my line are made using handrolled Bullseye glass in Oregon. However, I do incorporate stainless steel spreaders and hand salad servers imported from China. I embellish the salad servers with my glass to match the salad bowls I sell. Notwithstanding, the cheese plates with spreaders are my #1 selling item and the salad servers are one of the Top 10 Sellers in my line.