Vaughan Nelson

Vaughan Nelson Clay Artist

One Blue Marble

"With vibrant colors and interesting patterns, I stimulate the senses and create interest. Each piece I create begs to be touched. I embellish many pieces with polymer clay beads and finish them off with glass and stone beads that complement the work of art."

Like a lot of people, Vaughan Nelson makes art as a way to express himself using something other than words. He strives to create beauty that is not based on perfection and tries to maintain an organic feel to his work. Irregular edges, asymmetrical shapes, and imperfect circles are where he finds beauty, and his work shows these qualities.

Nelson's work is inspired by the techniques used by folk artists around the world and by patterns he sees in nature. He hand builds each piece using stoneware clay. After each piece is fired once, it is glazed. He applies each dot one by one and then fires the piece a second time. Because each piece is made by hand, variations in color and pattern will occur.

Nelson studied ceramics at San Diego Mesa and City College and at Clay Associates in San Diego. By taking workshops from various potters around the world, he has developed the skills to make and decorate his unique ceramic works of art.