Steven McGovney

steven mcgovney

Steven McGovney Design Studio

Trained in Design and Sculpture with an MFA from Otis Art Institute, Steven McGovney has worked in many media, but focused on the sculptural side of ceramics.  He has done whimsical ceramic art, and sculpture.

Recently, due to chronic elbow problems from years of heavy studio work, Steven has switched to designing jewelry, creating affordable designs in base metals and paper, and also a line of Sterling Silver and semiprecious stones.  He was nominated for a NICHE award in 2010 for the silver and stone category.  Steven has also trained in lapidary, and cut most of his own stones for use in his jewelry.

Steven McGovney with Tammy Camarot created a successful line of wildly painted table top items and one of a kind sculpture.  McGovney has designed industrial lines for major retailers, incorporating fine design and affordable prices.

McGovney-Camarots work is in the Arthur Goldberg Teapot Collection, and recently included in the Fuller Craft Museum Show.

Michael Douglas, Terence Stamp, James Whitmore, and Bill Clinton have collected Stevens work.  He shows in many of the top galleries featuring American Crafts in the USA, and participates in many invitational shows throughout the country each year.

Steven teaches ceramics at Yavapai College, in addition to studio work.