Nature Inspired Jewelry Designs by Jan Peyser

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Regaled as excellent craftsmanship, Jan Peyser Jewelry™ is worn by happy customers both near and far.  Captivating designs reflect graceful and dynamic balance inspired by flora, the wind, ocean currents, the art of dance, and her imagination.  Every  piece of jewelry is made individually from concept to creation, and Jan works primarily in Argentium® silver, a highly tarnish-resistant sterling silver.

Argentium Silver LogoInvited as an honorary member of the Argentium® Silver Guild in England, she is a licensed user of Argentium® silver, and her Celestial earrings are displayed in their website's Gallery, which spotlights several Argentium® artists from around the world. A licensed user of the brand and trademarks, Jan hand stamps the Argentium® silver hallmark, a flying unicorn, and her name, on each of her designs.

A native New Yorker and former English and public speaking teacher, she trained as a metalsmith at the art center in Mendocino, California and thoroughly enjoys drawing, using her imagination, and working with her hands as a jeweler.

Today, Jan makes her home in both northern Indiana and Chicago, and she works primarily in highly tarnish-resistant Argentium® silver which is purer than regular sterling, produced responsibly, and low maintenance, polishing quickly to a brilliant shine. High quality, genuine pearls provide a lovely touch of elegance and color to several designs.

Her jewelry celebrates nature, symmetry, textures, and the essence of movement. Made one at a time, she cuts or saws by hand each piece of jewelry; no casts or molds are used. With meticulous attention to detail, she uses traditional and original metalsmithing techniques, which include forging, hand-sculpting, repoussé, chasing, fusing, hand-engraving, and more.

Jan Peyser Argentium Silver Jewelry

Jan dedicates herself to creating jewelry that not only represents her vision, but always is pleasing to the eye, comfortable, and a pleasure for all to wear.

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