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Art Glass Curt Brock

"Where there's smoke, there's fire, and where there's fire, there is potential for glass. Where there is glass, there is light. Where glass and light meet, you may find magic."

In the mid 1990s Curt became interested in developing a range of limited edition handblown vessels focusing on function, simplicity and beauty, and formed CB Glass to separate this work from his one-of-a-kind pieces.

"Most of my one-of-a-kind work requires such an investment of time that I can’t even afford to own it myself. I did not want people to have to take out a second mortgage on their house just because they fell in love with a piece of glass."

This challenged him to apply his skills as both a craftsmen and designer to produce glass vessels that are more affordable while still being beautiful and unique objects.

Some of his vessels use opalescent glass, often with flakes of color like confetti falling through the air. Normally, opaque glass has a heavy and solid feeling to it. He was fascinated by the challenge of working with opal glass and still maintaining a light and airy quality.

Here are some examples of his signature art glass lamps:

Art Glass Lamps Curt Brock

Curt Brock is an established glass artist with a presence in museum collections around the world. He founded CB Glass as a vehicle for developing limited edition blown glass pieces that focus on function and originality of design.


Brock's ideas come to life as a result of day-to-day practice and calloused hands. He is persistently interested in the way light and glass interact. Many of his pieces change colors or cast beautiful shadows in the presence of strong light.

Curt Brock also runs the Glass Program at the Appalachian Center for Craft since 1988.  As Associate Professor of Glass he has developed the program to focus on hand-blown form with a strong emphasis on technical mastery in hot worked and cold worked glass.  

Students in the Glass Program receive broad background in historical and contemporary glass, and participate in an active dialogue about the role of glass in the art world today. Brock ensures that his students acquire the proper information and skills to enter and thrive in the world of studio glass.  The emphasis on strong technical knowledge with experience and real-world survival skills sets this glass program apart from all others in academia today.

While continuing to develop his glass program at the Craft Center, he has also more recently completely renovated an old 1929 two-room school house into his permanent residence where he lives. His most recent passion/obsession is trying to mold Shau Bau, a smooth coated collie he acquired from the local animal shelter, into what he hopes will be an obedience trained, championship show dog. It is obvious that from all of this, Curt Brock is deeply committed to teaching while at the same time continuing to push his own personal, artistic work. This combination gives the students access to a passionate and dynamic person, as well as a caring and patient teacher.Curt has been running the glass program for Tennessee Tech since 1989 and has produced many successful professional Glass artists.

Art Glass Curt Brock

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