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"I fell in love with it at first sight. This is going to be a family heirloom that will get passed down for generations..."

This is what Kourtney Tress from Virginia said when she first set her eyes on these unique candle sculptures. Can't agree more! As the gallery owner, it's not the first time I hear those lines from a happy customer when it comes to Mark's work!

Every piece by Mark has a distinct characteristic all its own. He fires glass in a red hot kiln and it gets "slumped" into sand molds to create individual vases, bowls and chargers.

He also combines his glass with different enamels to create color and excitement when he creates his signature vases. In the end, the final piece is completed with a wrought iron stand for a look that will enhance any home for years to come!

You can find more of his work at our website:



Basically a self-taught artist, Mark Hines' artistic journey has taken him through the worlds of glass design and ceramics at USC, to working with stained glass and progressing into Raku vases, where he enjoyed great success.  Currently producing a large and varied line of modern slump glass made with sand molds, then mounted into iron stands giving each piece an organic feel.  Responding to demands from interior designers, Mark's work has expanded to oversize pieces including large vases, bowls, chargers and candlestick holders.  Mark's work has been shown in Architectural Digest and is in collections worldwide.

His signature clocks come in a variety of finishes including granite, ruby red, black and beautiful blues and there are different faces for you to choose from.

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