Spring is here! Check those beautiful spike bowl set!

We are introducing you those elegance bowl sets by Hudson Beach designs!

For more than 18 years, Hudson Beach Glass--comprised of artists John Gilvey, Wendy Gilvey, Michael Benzer, and Jennifer Smith--have designed and produced an original line of sculptural tabletop glassworks in an amazing palette of 14 rich gemstone colors.

To date, Hudson Beach Glass artists have experimented with a variety of glass techniques, including lampworking, casting, traditional freehand blowing and mold blowing.

Combining functionality with elegance, Hudson Beach designs are inspired and excited by forms found in the natural environment. Many of their pieces are used by food stylists for publications such as Food and Wine, Bon Appetite, and Gourmet Magazine. They have also appeared on several cooking shows on television's Food Network. The Hudson Beach Glass line has expanded over the years to include functional serving pieces as well as perfume bottles, jars, and barware. It has been well received by galleries and gift stores across the nation and internationally.


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