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Landscape Series "Pele"

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One of a Kind

The Landscape Series has a distinctive textured background reminiscent of sky, grasses and water inspired by Rick and Janet's visions of landscapes they have traveled through together. Opaque and transparent colors swirl together.

Each one-of-a-kind form has a unique shape and color blending which cannot be repeated. The Landscape will come with a glass foot unless requested and will sit flat, in a stand, or wall mounted in a steel bracket. Custom orders are welcome. We will create a glass sample for your palette. They may be blown flat or deeper into a bowl shape.

Dimensions: Est. 22"D x 6"H (The Landscape Series is available in sizes 12" to 24" with custom requests up to 28")

Colors: Aqua, amethyst, gold topaz, red

Ships in 3-6 weeks

About the Artist: Rick and Janet Nicholson

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