NuGold Ginkgo w/Argentium & Pearl Drop
NuGold Ginkgo w/Argentium & Pearl Drop
Jan Peyser

NuGold Ginkgo w/Argentium & Pearl Drop

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One of a Kind

Gorgeous NuGold also is known as Jeweler's Bronze & Merlin's Gold. It has the look and luster of 14K yellow gold, but it is 85% copper and 15% zinc, nickel-free, lead-free, and affordable with the look of luxury.  I intricately hand-engrave my ginkgo leaf design, hand-sculpt and solder Argentium sterling as a vine around the leaf, and tumble the piece in steel shot for brilliant shine. An AA freshwater, dark peacock pearl drop is a stunning pop against the gold and sterling.  A pure 14K gold oval bead sits above the pearl, which is @ 2.5" from top of leaf.  Each piece will vary slightly in the hand-engraving and sculpting; thus, each will be beautifully unique and one-of-a-kind.

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About the Artist: Jan Peyser

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