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One of a Kind

Jewelry with an Edge is a new collection of handcrafted sterling silver which has an unconventional quality.  Each piece with it's original design includes the artist's signature single pearl.  Each is unique, bold, provocative and daring!  This collection set's the trend, rather then following it.  Minimalist with an edge!

This bracelet is approx 7-8" long, allowing for the full length or to link in at a shorter length.  No two will ever be exactly the same as they are free form, impossible to shape the wire to copy and each handcrafted separately.  However, they will be close enough to resemble each other in shapes and design.

It's One of a Kind, please be fully aware of that the design remained substantially the same, except for the pearl or stone may vary due to its nature.  

Ships in 1-3 weeks

About the Artist: Shirley Price


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