Janna Ugone

"After seventeen years, lighting design still encompasses my passion to satisfy my artistic vision, a jeweler's meticulous attention to detail and an engineer's drive to construct solid and functional lamps to be enjoyed for generations."

Long influenced by a fascination with historic and contemporary designs, Janna Ugone's work illustrates a wide range of inspirations, including landscapes and travel scenery, botanical rendering and journal drawings. To speak solely of artistry would not represent her commitment to the creation of lasting objects, ones that can in time become heirlooms. 

Employing a distinctive approach to craft, Ugone marries whimsy with exactitude. Her earthenware combines painterly images, for example, constellation-filled night skies with lasting, custom mixed glazes. Sculptural designs for pewter finials and pull chains are hand modeled from wax with a jeweler's precision before being individually cast and polished. High quality materials include brushed aluminum or copper for her lamps, stems and honed marble and slate for their bases. Still, a pretty object alone is never enough; Ugone prides herself in producing some of the most durable and innovative lamps available.