Point Break Series Wave Bowl
Nicholson Blown Glass

Point Break Series Wave Bowl

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One of a Kind

Wave Bowls have a signature wave form and black lip wrap. Transparent colors are backed by a white canvas.The colors are laminated between layers of clear glass in a time consuming process that can be compared to painting. The blending process creates new colors and tones in each piece.

Each One-of-A-Kind form has an asymmetrical shape which cannot be repeated. Yours will be unique. The Wave Bowl will come with a glass foot unless requested and will sit flat, in a stand, or wall mounted in a custom steel bracket. Raised in Hawaii, the forms were inspired by Rick's experiences of surfing as a child. Point Break is the point at which the wave breaks over the crest. The perfect time to catch a wave!

Dimensions: Est. 6.5″H x 21″W x17″D (can be ordered from 12" to 24" in longest diameter. Custom requests can be up to 28".)

Colors: Lime, aqua, cobalt

Ships in 3-6 weeks

About the Artist: Rick and Janet Nicholson

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