Nature's Glory 14" (Brown)
Nature's Glory 14" (Brown)
Chiara Reading

Nature's Glory 14" (Brown)

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New Champagne Color Pallet. Nature's Glory is made with hand cut textured glass. It is then ground, wrapped in copper foil & soldered together, using lead free solder, surrounding the Nautilus shells as the focal point. It is accented by jewelry quality Paua from New Zealand & assorted shells. It is displayed in a wrought iron stand. The piece is available in the champagne tones seen here as well as brown, aqua,cobalt & purple hues. The neutral piece uses the Tiger Nautilus shell & the colored pieces use a pearlized nautilus shell.

Size: 14 in diameter stands 16 inches high in stand

Ships in 2-3 weeks

About the Artist: Chiara Reading (my wildest dreams studio)

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