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Paul Harrie

"I make glass because it brings me tremendous satisfaction. Glass and glassblowing have always been a joy to me. It is my means of expression as an artist."

Paul Harrie is driven to make the best work that he can. Growing up in North Dakota, he is influenced by that pristine snow-covered landscape and the clear, icy light of winter. He has always been in love with nature, high-mountain streams, rock formations, and grand vistas. Much of the work he has conceived has been inspired while hiking in the High Sierras or fly fishing on a remote mountain stream.

Paul Harrie uses the Italian techniques of canework to create unique pieces. He pulls rods of colored glass encased in clear glass to a length of ninety to one hundred feet, the diameter of pencil lead. After cutting the cane into toothpick lengths, he carefully sizes the pieces using a wire gauge. Using these pieces of cane, he picks up patterns to create the spiral designs found in his paperweights and perfume bottles. Gathering clear glass allows him to build up clear layers, while rolling the work in powdered colored glass creates the colored layers in his pieces. He cuts the finished pieces with a diamond saw and uses five separate grinding steps to finish with an optical polish. The finished piece is remarkably intricate and finished to an exceptional level.

Paul Harrie received his B.F.A. from the University of Kansas, where he studied with Vernon Brejcha, one of Harvey Littleton's original students. He received his M.F.A. from UCLA, where he studied with Richard Marquis. He began glassblowing in 1975 and for 34 years has constantly striven to improve and refine his technique. Summer workshops include studies with Lino Tagliapietra and Walter